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Fresh Up Your Living Room with Wooden Furniture from Bellavista Collection

However nasty the global quarantine might feel, it will come to an end sooner or later. We all are looking forward to this moment. Meantime, more and more people ask themselves a question what changes we are going to spot when we are allowed to leave our homes at last.

While sociologists speculate whether there will be a boom of divorces shortly after the end of the quarantine, or a baby-boom nine months after (or, maybe, both), professionals in the industries related to interior design predict the increase of demand for their services. It’s quite logical that after gazing at their rooms for weeks, lots of people are likely to think of repairing, redecorating or refurnishing them. So, furniture makers also are pretty optimistic about the nearest future.

Although Bellavista Collection, a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, has never suffered from low demand, the brand is also getting ready for the day everybody is eagerly looking forward to.

In a short time, the brand is planning to introduce a bunch of new items to the public. They are the showpieces designed for iSaloni 2020, which, to deep regret, won’t take place this year. These pieces will appear at the brand’s website pretty soon, so in a little while you’ll see what Bellavista Collection prepared for that prestigious trade event.

In any case, Bellavista Collection has plenty to offer you if you feel like refurnishing your home or just want to buy something new to enliven, say, your living-room.

Elegant-looking and comfy sofas and armchairs, a great variety of coffee and side tables, floor lamps for cozy light – any of these pieces will fresh up your family room.

One of Bellavista’s strong points is that it never cuts corners when it comes to the quality of materials. It means that, say, its wooden furniture is really wooden. The brand has never used particleboard for its furniture – even for the details which aren’t visible (although it’s a common practice in mass production nowadays). Only solid wood, which can be veneered with fine woods for a more attractive look. Almost each wooden item is available in several wood options, from just four or five up to a dozen and even more.

Among the favorites in Bellavista are such magnificent species as ebony, rosewood, and grey sukupira, as well as traditional oak and American walnut. When Bellavista’s craftsmen apply to stain to oak and walnut, it results in a number of different shades, from greyish (smoke-stained, grey-stained), and elegant dark (dark-stained and moka-stained). It means that if you love some piece from this brand, you will be able to find an option that easily blends into your interior.

That is why wooden furniture from Bellavista is so popular with people who appreciate natural beauty of wood.

Tables tend to show splendor of natural wood more than anything else. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of coffee tables from Bellavista Collection. Simply open TABLES product category on the brand’s website and browse through COFFEE AND SIDE TABLES sub-category, which is the largest one, by the way. All these items are beautiful and so remarkably diverse that it’ll be hard for you to pick just one.

For example, let’s open the web page with the description of APOLLO table, designed in 2019. Its design looks modest but elegant. The same-shaped top and base, made of veneered solid wood 5 centimeters thick, are joined together with the structure made of aluminum with glamorous gold finish.

Wooden details of APOLLO can be veneered with as many as ten kinds of wood, which include both common species (American walnut and oak, both natural and stained) and exotic ones (ebony, grey sukupira, and rosewood). Ebony and grey sukupira are also available with or without sleek glossy finish.

In addition to such a great a variety woods to choose from, there are as many as eight variants of this table that differ in shape and size. It means that actually there are eight Apollos. Five of them have square tabletops, two – round ones, and one comes with an oval top. All these variants show all the beauty of natural wood they are made of.

So do variants of PAC MAN coffee table, which is also available in a number of wood options. It comes in nine woods – rosewood, ebony, grey sukupira, dark tanganyika frisè, dark eucalyptus frisè, as well as four kinds of natural and stained oak. As its name suggests, the shape of this table resembles Pac-man – a character from a same-name arcade game popular back in the 1980s. If you don’t remember this game, when looking at this table, you’ll probably think of a chocolate cake with a piece cut out.  As for its size, PAC MAN can be 92 centimeters (36.2 inches) or 52 centimeters (20.5 inches) in diameter.

Both APOLLO and PAC MAN tables can also be found in ‘What’s new’ section of Bellavista’s website, together with lots of other articles designed in 2019.

Bellavista Collection has always been good at making the most of natural beauty of all the materials used in each product. So, each item with wooden details is designed to show how attractive natural wood looks, if combined with other materials. Here are a few examples of the items with an accent on wooden parts: floor lamps ROSETTA and SISTER, arm-chairs BOSS, GRACE WOOD, MAFALDA, BRISTOL (designed in 2019), CHARLOTTE, and SHANGHAI (from Dulcechina collection).

And, of course, it is impossible to overlook lovely wooden panel pictures FLOWER and ROSE, which has long been popular with Bellavista’s customers. The beauty of natural wood accentuates exquisiteness of the picture itself, which depicts a single rose flower (ROSE) or two wild rose branches with leaves, buds, and flowers (FLOWER).

You can find them in BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category of HOME DÉCOR product category. In fact, everywhere on Bellavista Collection’s website you will see items that highlight the beauty of wood – one of the oldest, the finest, and the most popular natural materials used in furniture making.



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