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Floral Motifs in 2020 Collection: ALCOBAS Coffee Table

For numerous generations, creative people have been inspired by Nature. Poets, writers, architects, and artists get insights from its perfection.

Designers also draw inspiration from the magnificence of flora and fauna. Attilio Zanni, a brilliant contemporary designer and co-founder of Bellavista Collection – the brand whose Italian luxury furniture is well-known all over the world – has always adored natural beauty. Ever since 2010, when the brand was founded and first presented its showpieces at a prestigious trade fair, Mr. Zanni has been using motifs, shapes, and patterns that remind of living beings in his works.

Some of his nature-inspired pieces have become a hallmark of Bellavista Collection. Sculptures of animals – hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, horses, and greyhounds – are extremely popular with customers, and a hippo even became the brand’s mascot. Some of Bellavista’s furniture pieces bear an outline of a cute hippo, and a cast brass hippopotamus available in three finishes, is a long-standing bestseller at Bellavista.

Wooden panel pictures FLOWER and ROSE are big sellers, too. Made of dark-colored wood with rear support in plexiglas, these pictures are so elegant and sophisticated, that will easily blend into almost any room. FLOWER depicts two wild rose branches with leaves and flowers, while ROSE shows an image of a rose bud as it seen from above.

You can find these sculptures and pictures on Bellavista’s website. Just open HOME DÉCOR product category, browse through BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category, and enjoy lots of remarkable pieces from this reputable brand.

2020: Splendor and Excellence of Nature

The anniversary collection (this year Bellavista Collection brand turned 10) is entirely devoted to Beauty of Nature with capital B and N. Its twenty-three amazing pieces are now placed into a separate section of the brand’s website.

Since 2020 editions of trade fairs, where Bellavista Collection was showcasing its pieces for already a decade, were cancelled, the anniversary collection was presented to the general public online, i.e. on the website. However, there is a chance to see these items live: they are already displayed in Bellavista’s showroom, located in the province of Brescia, not far from Milan. Actually, the company’s headquarters with office and workshops are located there.

If you browse through ‘What’s New’ section of the website, where this collection can be found, you’ll grasp its general idea at once.

ALCOBAS: Simple Lines and Metal Twigs

Let’s take a look at just one item from this special new collection, which perfectly reflects its concept -ALCOBAS coffee table. Its design seems simple, somehow minimalistic. Metal, glass, and marble – the combination of materials the table is made of – is among favorite ones in Bellavista. If you look through great many of coffee and side tables in the same-named section of the website, you’ll see it for yourself. Marble tabletops, glass shelves, and cast brass structures are pretty common in these tables, but how multifarious they are!

This coffee table is a tribute to a project completed with the collaboration of the prestigious Canadian architectural firm Yabu Pushelberg. Doors and coffee tables in the boutique hotel Las Alcobas in Polanco – Mexico City, are characterized by a suggestive flower pattern skillfully reinterpreted here, in the cast brass lower shelf insert.

The structure of ALCOBAS is made of cast brass, antique bronze finish (this elegant and noble-looking finish is Bellavista’s absolute favorite) with hammered details, applied on some parts.

The tabletop is available in three options to choose from. It could be made of either bronzed glass or one of the two equally gorgeous kinds of marble: Breccia Damascata and Arabescato grey (new 2020). They both look so lovely – Breccia Damascata, with spots in shades of light ochre, and Arabescato grey, with its veins and swirls of reddish pink, grey, and white colors.

What makes this coffee table really special is its optional lower shelf, with a decoration, depicting tree branches with sprouts and leaves. The decorative elements are made of cast brass with antique bronze finish, applied by hand. If you choose bronzed glass for the tabletop, you’ll clearly see these lovely metal tree branches through it.

As to the size, there are two options available. The table can be square, 70 x 70 centimeters (27.6 x 27.6 inches) or rectangular – 70 x 100 centimeters (27.6 x 39.4 inches). Both variants are of the same height: 37 centimeters. (14.6 inches).

Practical experience shows that this size is optimal for most cases. It is large enough to comfortably use it for its intended purpose, i.e. as a coffee table, and compact enough not to clutter up a small room.

One more special thing about ALCOBAS is that you can also use it as a module, forming composition out of two, three, or four tables, which is a good solution for a large living room. Combining tables with different tops will give this ensemble a stylish and unhackneyed look.

But no matter how large your room is, ALCOBAS coffee table will surely mix in its interior. If you are keen on minimalism, this table is a real catch for you. If you favor more classic-looking style, ALCOBAS will also blend into the existing ensemble. Love luxuriously furnished rooms?  This table won’t contrast with other pieces. Seemingly simple but sophisticated, ALCOBAS will fit everywhere!

What is more, if you are in search of furnishings for a public place, such as, say, a waiting room, ALCOBAS will be a perfect choice.  It will also be ideal for a small private meeting room, a lounge area, and lots of other places where you need a durable a reliable coffee table, which at the same time will look chic and stylish.  Well, in actual fact, the same could be said about every furniture piece from Bellavista Collection – the brand whose Italian luxury furniture not only looks beautiful, but also will last for decades.

And what is more, Bellavista’s pieces will never go out of vogue. The reason is simple: timeless beauty never gets old, and neither does top quality and brilliant design.

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