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Expanding the palette: Bellavista Collection Adds New Colors in 2019

For all our lives, ever since birth we are surrounded with lots of objects, including furniture. Often it happens that certain items become very special for us. Do you remember the cozy armchair, where you liked to sit huddled up as a child? Or a sofa where you used to nestle against Mom? Most likely, you do. Can you remember what color they were? Most likely, you can.

Colors, generally speaking, considerably influence our mood and well-being. People spend a good deal of time at home, so colors you see there are very important – be it color of wall painting, mats or upholstery of the furniture.

Bellavista Collection, an Italian brand that offers a wide range of designer items related to interior design, including Italian luxury furniture – pays great attention to the color palette of its pieces. Look, say, at upholstered pieces at the same-named category of the company’s website.

You will instantly notice that each of these lovely sofas, arm-chairs, dining chairs, etc. – is available in both leather and fabric. Many people appreciate buttery feel of natural leather and find its looks attractive indeed. If you like respectable-looking and durable leather upholstery, Bellavista’s website is a treasure trove for you.

Top-quality leather is recognizable from the first sight. Leather comes in a number of colors, from bright eye-catching ones to neutral tones. But when natural leather is dyed, its color inevitably will be a bit uneven. It happens because leather is made of animal hides (usually cattle skins are used), so surface of every hide is unique. You won’t find two pieces of leather which will be exactly the same. Natural grain of quality leather, as well as marks like veins, fat wrinkles, and tiny scars make the material absorb the dye inhomogeneously. It gives this remarkable material its distinctive look.

Many people agree that leather furniture, such as sofas and armchairs, typically look trendier, sleeker, and more high-end than their counterparts upholstered in fabric. Just think of timeless elegance of Chesterfield-style sofas – don’t they look chic? If you appreciate them, you may love leather-covered options of Bellavista’s MY CHESTER and MY CHESTER TUFT sofas, designed in 2018. You can find them in the WHAT’S NEW section of the website.

Compared to leather, fabrics have much more options in terms of texture, pattern, and color. If you prefer fabric upholstery, you’ll have a better chance to pick furniture that will exactly match existing decor of your home. Bellavista has plenty to offer you, especially now.

In 2019 Bellavista Collection expands the palette of colors available for upholstery fabrics. The company has always strived not only to meet the demand, but to forecast it. That is why, this year customers will have a range of pastel shades to choose from – in addition to the existing options, of course.

Years-Long Cooperation that Results in Mutual Success

This novelty became possible thanks to Luciano Marcato, a renowned Italian textile manufacturer. Bellavista Collection has been co-operating with Luciano Marcato for years. When representatives of Bellavista Collection and Luciano Marcato met at Milan Furniture Salon, they found that their companies share the same values and goals. Importantly, both companies give top priority to quality of their products. “Quality without compromise” can well be a motto for both firms: neither Bellavista Collection, nor Luciano Marcato have ever sacrificed quality for the sake of quantity. Such a similarity of values made their cooperation fruitful indeed, both for the companies and for their customers.

The companies even take part in trade events together. Last year, Bellavista Collection and Luciano Marcato jointly participated in Milan Furniture Salon, also known as Salone del Mobile. In April 2018, visitors of this exhibition could see Luciano Marcato’s collection of textiles and Bellavista Collection’s Italian luxury furniture upholstered in these fabrics at the same stand.

Partnership between these two Italian brands has proved to be a real win-win. Along with looking grand, furniture covers, made of these excellent textiles, are long-lasting indeed.  Even after a decade of use the upholstery of the furniture from Bellavista will look like new.

Colors and Mood

Tastes differ. When looking for a fabric-upholstered sofa or an armchair, some will prefer vivid colors and bold patterns for the upholstery, some will choose neutral tones, and some will love pastel shades. The choice is enormous, so everybody will find what they want.

Nevertheless, there is one thing worth remembering: each color is tapping into certain feelings or emotions. So, colors for walls or furniture upholstery for your living room can influence the atmosphere in it – and your mood.

Our perceptions of colors are rather subjective; often they are personal and depend on our experiences or even on the culture we belong to. For example, in many Eastern countries white color is a symbol of mourning.

However, some feelings and associations evoked by colors could be considered more or less universal. For example, almost everybody will say that looking at blue skies and fields of green grass helps to relax. So, when we are looking at various shades of blue and green colors, we unconsciously associate them with the sky, water, and flora.

On the contrary, red, orange, and yellow colors feel cheerful and energetic. It’s so easy to associate them with sunshine or the heat of fire. Cheerful yellow, lively and childlike orange; passionate and even a bit aggressive red – together, these colors evoke feelings of comfort, warmth, and cheerfulness.

Colors like blue, green, and purple, are conventionally called “cool colors”.  Red, orange, and yellow are “warm”.

If we thin down the colors and their shades with white, we will get pastel. Actually, pastel shades are ‘light’ or ‘pale’ colors.  For example, pale pink, pale green, pale lemon, pale mauve, light peach, pale lilac, light apricot, pale aqua, and so on.

Many people associate pastels with general feeling of softness, openness, calmness, and serenity. Using pastel colors, you will easily create stress-free ambience in your home. In 2019, furniture pieces with pastel covers from Bellavista Collection will help you achieve this goal.

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