Each TROUSSE Will Be Unique: A Versatile Walk-In Closet to be Shown at the iSaloni 2022

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Each TROUSSE Will Be Unique: A Versatile Walk-In Closet to be Shown at the iSaloni 2022

The anniversary edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile is really close: on June 7, zillions of attendees will roam all over Fiera Milano Rho. Till June 12, lots of trade professionals from industries will be showcasing their achievements, sharing ideas, concluding contracts – and simply learning about the latest trends in furniture design and manufacturing.

Being a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture for a dozen years, Bellavista Collection surely has plenty to display at the trade event. The brand has been replenishing its new collection since 2020, adding more and more new remarkable articles. Now Bellavista is ready to display this cherry-picked group of pieces, devoted to the timeless beauty of Nature.

However, it is fair to say that Attilio Zanni, the brand’s chief designer, has always been inspired by Nature, successfully making the most of various natural materials. Solid wood and marble, glass and metal, not to mention leather and fabric – each of them reveal the beauty of its own when becomes a part of a Bellavista’s item. Nevertheless, this year’s display at iSaloni will be something special.

Let’s take a look at just one novelty you’ll see at Bellavista Collection’s exhibitor booth pretty soon: the walk-in closet named TROUSSE. 

By the way, the showpiece to be shown at iSaloni will become available to all shortly after the event: it’s a long-standing tradition of this brand. But that’s not all.

The variant of TROUSSE that’s going to be displayed is just one of numerous possible options. Each customer who will be ordering this closet after the exhibition will have plenty of choices in terms of materials, sizes, designer accessories, etc. In other words, each of the TROUSSEs is going to be unique, thanks to lots of opportunities for its customization. 

How did TROUSSE come into existence? Back at the beginning of 2021, Bellavista Collection’s design department fulfilled an interesting project. It included designing a bespoke walk-in closet with an island from scratch and manufacturing it from A to Z. The project turned out to be extremely successful. It was a masterpiece of a design that combined beauty with practicability – in fact, it’s typical of the pieces Attilio Zanni creates. Equally pleasant to look at and make use of, that walk-in closet has become a model, or better say prototype, for the later designs, one of which is going to be exhibited at the iSaloni.

Well, little is known about what this particular walk-in closet is going to look like. The only thing that could be said for sure is that it will be versatile, beautiful yet practical, made of top-quality materials, and excellently designed. No wonder: luxury materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and stylish design are characteristics of everything made in the Bellavista Collection.

Perfection in Every Detail 

Actually, we can imagine the looks of the future showpiece if we remember its prototype, so to speak – the bespoke walk-in closet designed a year ago.

It was a dream of a dressing room, where everything was custom-made. The bespoke wardrobe and the island can well serve as an example of not only beauty but also clever use of space, which is important indeed for such places.

This walk-in closet was really exclusive, thanks to some interesting design solutions – for example, the exit door, concealed in the wardrobe module. Also, the large mirror that covered the entire outer surface of the wardrobe’s doors, was a great idea. For the client’s convenience, the wardrobe was equipped with a special custom-made holder for eyeglasses.

Well, the entire project was carried out with the future owner’s convenience in mind. One more example of this approach is such a handy device as a foot-measuring ruler for the shoe rack. As to the island, it included a few additional drawers, as well as handy holders for socks, ties, and belts. So, everything from skirts, trousers, and dressed to ties, socks, and belts could be put in their proper place.

The materials chosen for the walk-in closet were of prime quality only – Bellavista Collection never economizes on them. Ebony wood, metal (cast brass with antique bronze finish), crystal glass, and belting leather harmonized with one another perfectly, and a well-thought-out design turned the closet into a masterpiece.

To personalize it, even more, several metal parts had the customer’s logo engraved on them. If you browse through the PRODUCTS section on Bellavista Collection’s website, you’ll see that the brand often imprints its name on the metal parts, not to mention an outline of a cute hippopotamus – the long-standing company’s mascot. It means that if you wish to have your logotype impressed on, say, a wardrobe handle or a hanging tube, the brand can do it for you.

By the way, hanger tubes can be arranged at the height that will suit you best – that’s what the brand did for the customer when designing the dressing room for him. Also, two storage units had a remote-control system to open and close them conveniently at any time. Want such a solution? Just let the designers team know about it!

Bellavista Collection is proud of its team of talented designers, headed by Attilio Zanni – a well-recognized professional, who created most of the brand’s items. Like any talented people, they all enjoy what they do and love challenging projects. So, if you want some special furniture piece designed from scratch, designers from Bellavista Collection will gladly create it.

For example, many years ago a customer from the USA asked whether the brand could create a special table for playing table games. Mr. Zanni liked this idea a lot – and soon after a luxurious gaming table intended for playing chess, checkers, backgammon, and card games came into existence. If you open the TABLES product category, you’ll see it. Named LAS VEGAS, it turned heads at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in 2018.

Besides, whatever you order from Bellavista Collection, you can customize this piece to a great extent. Even if you want something not listed in the list of options, like a particular upholstery material or a veneering wood species, you may be sure that you’ll get what you want.