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Create a Perfect Home for Relaxing Vacations 2020

The year 2020 is rapidly moving towards its end, and the only thing we can say for sure is that the Winter Holidays 2020-2021 will still differ from the ones we’ve had before.

By New Year 2020, the pandemic was on the rise – and, alas, it’s clear that the notorious virus is pretty unlikely to be gone by New Year 2021.  The global situation remains difficult in many regions, so we still have to be as careful as possible. Visiting crowded places is still a no-no for everyone who cares for their health. But it doesn’t mean boring holidays.  It’s the other way around: you have a great chance to enjoy the time spent in a closed circle of your loved ones.

When people have to stay at home most of their time, they pay much more attention to how this home is furnished, whether the living space is nice-looking, comfortable and functional.  So, why not make your existing interior get closer to a dream home – the one you will be really happy to live in?

The Harmony of Work and Rest

Living space where people spend plenty of time should be equally suitable for working – lots of people already got used to working from home – and relaxation. It should have both a zone to play table games or watch a movie with the family, and a place to stay alone reading a book or listening to music. It’s obvious that everybody needs to just “stop and smell the roses” once in a while, so furnishing such a resting place is very important.

Being a well-known producer of Italian luxury furniture, Bellavista Collection offers lots of pieces to create ensembles for a dream of a home. Arm-chairs and floor lamps for cozy reading corners; desks and comfy chairs for home offices; sofas and coffee tables for living areas – all this and many more you can find at the brand’s website. Bellavista even offers a special table for gaming. Named LAS VEGAS, this wonderful table was designed in 2018 and first showcased at Salone del Mobile later that year. So, if you love playing chess, checkers, backgammon, and card games, get this table to have fun with your family and train your brain.

A Proper Place for Your Favorite Books

If you are a keen reader, a reading corner – a comfortable place in a room where you can take a breath and relax for a while – is a must-have for you. If you prefer an e-reader, all you’ll need is an armchair, a lamp and probably a coffee table. But if you enjoy paper books, Bellavista also offers lovely bookshelves and bookcases to keep your favorite books. You can find these furniture pieces in the product category named CASEGOODS of the online catalog (i.e. PRODUCTS section of the brand’s website). In fact, there are two sub-categories where you can find them: BOOKSHELVES (which are more like open bookcases, to be precise) and CABINETS.

For large rooms, a sophisticated EIFFEL open bookcase will be a great choice. It is double-sided, which means it could be placed it anywhere in the room, rather than just against the wall. For example, you’ll be able to use EIFFEL for partitioning off some space in a large living-room or an open plan apartment.

The same is even more true for the same-name console table. 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) high and 36 cm. (14.2 in.) deep, EIFFEL CONSOLE is as much as 3 meters (118.1 inches) wide. It makes it this console a really versatile furniture piece. In addition to storing anything you like (including books) in it, you can well use it as a low table to put the book you’re reading onto.

As for the dimensions of EIFFEL bookcase, it’s 188 cm (74 inches) high and 140 cm (55.1 in.) wide, which makes it suitable for any room, even a small one. It provides plenty of space – you’ll have 6 surfaces including the top – to put your books and other small things.

Metal structures of both the bookcase and console are covered with the attractive Nero Bellavista finish. Bellavista Collection began using this lovely dark finish relatively recently, and it turned out to be a very good pick. Nero Bellavista perfectly harmonizes with most of the wood species the brand prefers for its pieces.

The wood options for the shelves are the same for both EIFFEL and EIFFEL CONSOLE. They are available in three kinds of American walnut: natural, moka stained, and dark stained walnut.

If your room is rather small, PIGALLE open bookcase (or better say, etagere), will be an optimal pick.  First shown at Maison&Objet in 2015, it has been among Bellavista’s bestsellers ever since. This bookcase is available in eight kinds of wood -three of walnut and five of oak. Their colors differ greatly, from taupe-colored champagne stained oak to almost black moka stained oak, so your bookcase will blend into the existing interior of your room, whatever color you prefer. The handles and other metal details are made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish.

One more open bookshelf, JUTA, will be a perfect variant for a spacious room with a high ceiling, because it’s 2.59 meters (102 in.) high and 3 meters (118.1 inches) wide. The shelves, upholstered in natural jute, are 36.5 cm. (14.4 inches) deep. An unhackneyed designer idea of combining such plain material as jute with luxurious rosewood worked extremely well in this piece. No wonder JUTA is so popular with customers.

In addition to wooden shelves, MEDEA has two doors and two drawers. It is available in seven kinds of natural and stained American walnut and oak.  If you wish, you can have it equipped with touch activated LED lights.

So do elegant IBOOK, stylish ARBAT, gorgeous ASPEN – all they will be suitable for keeping your books.

Along with attractive bookcases and cabinets, Bellavista Collection offers a lot of other furniture for your super-cozy reading corner, comfy bedroom, enjoyable living-room… in other words, for your perfect home.

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