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Combine& Create: Construct Your Perfect Dining Room with Bellavista Collection

Along with being well-designed and made of top-quality materials, Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection has one more trait, which makes it a great fit for creating perfect interiors. It’s interchangeability. In spite of their extreme diversity, pieces from Bellavista brand can be freely combined to create lots of grand-looking and comfy ensembles. It became possible thanks to the brilliant talent of Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s all-round designer and the co-founder of the brand. He has been creating the majority of Bellavista Collection’s pieces ever since 2010 – the birth year of the company.

For example, if you are furnishing a dining room, on Bellavista Collection’s website you will find everything you need to draw up numerous equally attractive furnishing options for dining rooms. Let’s take a look at just one of such possible combinations.

Nobody will argue that a dining table with chairs forms the core of any dining room interior. The new 2020-2021 collection from Bellavista, devoted to celebrating the Beauty of Nature, offers one a new wonderful dining table: OLIVER.

OLIVER is rather large and round, with an optional lazy Susan. The table is 74 cm. (29.1 in.) high, and its top is 185 cm. (72.8 in.) in diameter; the diameter of its Lazy Susan is 105 cm. (41.3 in.). Both the tabletop and the Lazy Susan are decorated with a gorgeous inlay, which highlights the texture of natural wood, forming a lovely pattern.

The metal detail at the center of the tabletop, designed for attaching the Lazy Susan, resembles a pretty flower, so it serves as a decoration as well. This detail is made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish.  The table’s single thick leg is masterfully crafted of three materials: wood, metal, and marble. Solid Botticino marble harmonizes with an antique bronze finish of the metal part, as well as with either of the ten wood options this table is available in.

In the same way, THOMAS dining table, that is one of Bellavista iconic item, has a wooden top; it’s available in seven kinds of oak and walnut. They all go extremely well with the base made of Batista copper. The marble top inset (optional) makes this table look really chic. You are welcome to choose among Emperador dark brown, Striato grey, and Pulpis marble.

Generally, THOMAS is a good example, illustrating how Bellavista brand offers multiple options for a single piece. There are as many as seven models in this table. They can have round or rectangular tops, extensible or non-extensible, which rest on one or two metal legs. The rectangular tabletops could be 200, 250, or 300 cm wide; the round ones are 160 or 180 cm in diameter.

What is more, if the existing options don’t suit you, Bellavista Collection brand gives you an opportunity to have almost any of its pieces custom-made. For example, one of Bellavista’s customers recently ordered a square-shaped THOMAS table with a Lazy Susan made of marble – and got exactly what he wanted.  By the way, THOMAS is one of pretty few Bellavista’s pieces that weren’t created by Attilio Zanni. It was designed by Carlos and Gerard Pascal – renowned designers, whose studio is a long-term business partner of Bellavista brand.

As to chairs, consider BERTA – one more piece from the 2020-2021 collection. It will be easy to pick the one to match your dining table. There are lots of variants of its fabric or leather upholstery available, including a combination of leather and fabric in the same piece.

The base of this chair is made of solid ashwood. If you wish, BERTA could have a removable rear back, made of brass with an antique bronze finish. A nice-looking and handy knob on the side is made of the same material.

TREE BAR UNIT also can be a great addition to your dining room, especially if you enjoy throwing parties. Its wooden front doors bear an outline of a tree trunk with highlighted texture of natural wood. The finish used in this piece, called Nuances Bellavista Collection, is available in seven colors; it could also be matte lacquer or glossy lacquer. Designed in 2020, this lovely bar unit is in line with other pieces from the new collection.

Any interior designer will confirm that lighting is no less important than furnishings. So, let’s take a look at lighting fixtures from Bellavista, suitable for a dining room. Open the online product catalog at Bellavista’s website, and you’ll see that one of its categories is named LIGHTING. Here you’ll find chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, and even candle holders. For overhead lighting, you’ll definitely need a chandelier. As to its design, tastes differ, but people usually prefer such lighting fixtures to look welcoming and appealing. What about Chao-Li, with a lampshade decorated with natural Vienna straw? It will perfectly harmonize with MAO console table – just look at its top. Or will you prefer RITZ, with a backlit slab of natural polished white onyx as the top? Chao-Li, MAO, and RITZ belong to the 2018 collection, named Dulcechina.

You may also want a table lamp to provide task lighting. So, what about MARISA, with a metal structure, a lampshade in grey, white, or taupe polyester and the diffuser made of opaline plexiglass? It will blend into the ensemble pretty well.

Now that you chose the furniture, you’ll need items to make your interior feel complete. A comfy carpet on the floor, lovely wall paneling, and, of course, a few exclusive decorative items will add zest to your room. Open BOISERIE product category in Bellavista Collection’s online catalog, and you’ll find elegant boiserie to your liking. As to the accessories, just browse through BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category of HOME DÉCOR category.

You will surely love charming statuettes of animals and the cast brass IPPO tray for candles with lifelike cute hippopotamuses. If you like house plants, NARCISO is well worth your attention. A removable inner stainless-steel pot is inserted into a grand-looking wooden base, making it both useful and beautiful. Well, the same could be said about any piece from Bellavista Collection.


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