There is a place where everything is in harmony, a place to discover and slowly relish.

With its colors and fragrances, it brings to life a timeless journey: we are talking about Franciacorta.

Hidden by the hills, just a few steps from the enchanting Iseo lake, Casa Bellavista is surrounded by a shy light which announces the autumn.


Casa Bellavista is immersed in the vineyards, and picturesque village can be glimpsed in the distance.

Casa Bellavista is where everything begins and everything ends, an enjoyable break in a chaotic day, an elegant and luxurious dwelling.


The heart feels the warmth of the home, and feelings mingle with flavors and create symphonies.

Dining room

Around the table you can taste local savors and a glass of good wine, you tell your story and you become accomplices.

Living room

A gentle wind is blowing between the vineyards and the night has come. The weak flame in the fireplace wraps you and you let yourself be lulled by the atmosphere.

Swimming pool

We are constantly looking for peace and balance but sand flows along the hourglass and you cannot turn it over.

A blast from the past, a bath into memories. You want to feel that lightness which can restore body and soul.


Nature is in no hurry; she finds her place and she gives life to magnificent landscapes.

You can enjoy vines shades, you can smell the scents of grapes which is ready to be picked off, you can feel the sunshine that shyly filters through clouds. No one else can feel it for you.

Take a deep breath and let your thoughts fly away.

Master bedroom

The night quietly makes its way, vines tremble and you are closing your eyes.

Nature starts an exclusive concert and everything gets more intimate, everything slows down.

Finally, you are alone with yourself, in your internal home that now has become reality.