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Bronze Birds on Branches: Revamped TOSCA Floor Lamp Presented at iSaloni 2022

When speaking about Nature, Harmony is the keyword. The same is true about Beauty.

So, it is no surprise that artists and designers get inspiration from Nature.

Attilio Zanni, the co-founder of Bellavista Collection brand and its chief designer, has repeatedly said that he adored the beauty of Nature and got inspiration from its harmony. That is why, the brand’s Italian luxury furniture successfully combines beauty with practicability – actually, Nature does the same in the general sense.

Bellavista’s approach to design and production has always included using only the best natural materials, showing all their attractiveness. The highlighted texture of solid wood and soft luster of metal, the inimitable surface of prime-quality natural leather, characteristic slight imperfections in hand-blown glass – all these things contribute to the charm of a truly luxurious item.

The recently designed Bellavista’s items, showcased at the Salone del Mobile in June 2022, are united under the general idea of celebrating the beauty of Nature.

However, lots of other Bellavista furniture pieces, whenever they were created, have details that remind us of flora and fauna. ROSE and FLOWER panels, depicting flowers, and the remarkable metal twigs, decorating the lower shelf of ALCOBAS coffee table – that’s just a couple of examples that first come to mind.

And, of course, one can’t fail to remember the lovely statuettes of animals the brand has long been known for. A hippo has even become the brand’s mascot. Small figures of hippopotamuses sometimes serve as a decoration for Bellavista’s pieces: just remember BITTA POUF or CAROL floor lamp.

The revamped version of one more floor lamp, TOSCA, has scored great success at the just-ended edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. The limited edition of TOSCA, which was showcased there, is named TOSCA BIRDS, so it’s easy to guess what was used as a decorative element to add zest to this remarkable item. Cute cast brass figures of birds, sitting on the lamp’s structure (which looks pretty as a tree, by the way), definitely were in line with the general idea of this year’s collection.

TOSCA lamp stood in the conversation area – one of the zones, into which Bellavista Collection’s exhibitor booth was split. Others were the following: a dining area, a bedroom area, a living-room area, and a luxurious bespoke walk-in closet. The conversation zone in fact was a bit more than a part of the display: all its pieces were actively used during the fair, rather than just looked at.

The New Version of a Years-Long Bestseller

First presented at Maison et Objet in 2015, TOSCA floor lamp quickly became a Bellavista’s bestseller. By 2022, it already was an iconic item, and for a good reason.

TOSCA’s design is a great example of harmony as it is. There is nothing extravagant or eccentric in its design, so at the first glance, it appears to be classic-looking and pretty simple. But if you look at this floor lamp closely, you’ll realize that this simplicity is well-thought-out, and the classic traits make it really exclusive. Its design is far from being a replica of decades-old floor lamps – TOSCA is definitely a modern piece.

The structure, made of hammered cast brass and covered with a noble-looking finish named ‘antique bronze’ perfectly harmonizes with the natural linen or silk of its lampshade (the brand offers both options for you to choose from). This cylinder-shaped shade is of optimal size – it’s 60 centimeters (23.6 inches) in diameter. The structure itself is rather tall: the lamp is 189 centimeters (74.4 inches) high, which means that the lamp lights the room more effectively. It makes TOSCA a good choice for any room, whatever its size.

In addition, Bellavista Collection provides two voltage options for all its lighting fixtures, and TOSCA isn’t an exception. For customers from Europe, the 220V – 50 HZ option of this lamp is offered. As to the buyers from the USA, they are supplied with 110V – 60 HZ version.

TOSCA requires one light bulb: E27 for the EU and E26 for the USA (not included). In both versions, the electric cord is of red color.

The re-designed TOSCA, showcased at iSaloni 2022, had two basic differences from the original variant. The first one was the elegant blackened finish, applied to the entire structure. It looked extremely well together with the champagne-colored lampshade.

But the main novelty – a few nice cast brass statuettes, depicting birds – turned a seemingly familiar item into a real attention-grabber. The lamp’s outline looked like a tree with four branches; cast brass birds added zest to the piece, so TOSCA was transformed into a mix of a lighting fixture with a piece of art.

What is also special about this lamp is its great versatility. TOSCA easily blends into various sets of furniture, easily forming ensembles – like the one placed in the conversation area of Bellavista’s exhibitor booth.

By the way, although this area was furnished with items designed in different years, they perfectly harmonized with one another.

For example, FILIBERTO coffee table and PYPER loveseat (they looked great together, by the way) were both designed in 2020. Bellavista had been planning to showcase them at the Salone 2020 when it was not yet known that the event would be canceled due to the pandemic. The pouf, placed nearby, was the ‘youngest’ item, so to speak: it was created in 2022, shortly before the Salone 2022. And so was a bespoke semi-transparent metal curtain, the utilitarian purpose of which was to partition off some space and create a comfy nook for talking. Interestingly, the ceiling lamp named MADEMOISELLE, which turned out to be a great fit for this ensemble was designed as long ago as 2013.

Now that the iSaloni 2022 has ended, Bellavista Collection’s website is well worth browsing through. As you probably remember, shortly after trade events, the brand launches the former showpieces into production, and you’ll soon be able to order them from the website. So, what about that gorgeous floor lamp with tiny statuettes of birds, sitting on the brass twigs?

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