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BERTA and OLIVER: Perfect for Each Other – and Your Home

When you are buying furniture for your home or small business, such as a hotel or a restaurant, you will surely pick the pieces that match one another. Also, you expect your new purchase to harmonize with existing items in the room, if any. And that’s not to mention that all furniture should look nice, be comfy, made of quality materials, and be well-designed.

That’s exactly what Bellavista Collection, a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, has been offering for more than a decade. No wonder that Bellavista’s loyal customers are looking forward to new collections from this brand, which is presented to the public every year.

Let’s take a look at just two pieces, which make a perfect match. They are from the new 2020-2021 collection, inspired by the Beauty of Nature.

BERTA chair and OLIVER dining table were designed separately, but it seems that they were made for each other – so grand they look together.

OLIVER, a round table with an optional Lazy Susan, will be an excellent choice for either a luxurious dining room or a fashionable restaurant. This table is rather large: it’s 74 cm. (29.1 in.) high, with the tabletop 185 centimeters (72.8 inches) in diameter. The Lazy Susan is 105 centimeters (41.3 inches) in diameter; it will come in equally handy during a joyful party, a family gathering, or a formal dinner.

Some might say that the days when lazy Susans were popular in homes are long gone. Well, half a century ago, these revolving trays were much more widespread than nowadays. But so what? These devices haven’t become less useful in the course of time. Many people are still happy to have a table with this lovely detail in their homes.

Nevertheless, you can get OLIVER table with or without a lazy Susan. Whatever option you pick, this table will have a custom-designed metal part in the center of its tabletop.  This detail is made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish and looks somewhat like a flower with four petals, which is in line with the general idea of the latest collection. This element serves either for attaching the Lazy Susan or just as a decoration.

The table itself is made of natural solid wood, which, in its turn, could be veneered in as many as ten wood species. Glorious rosewood, magnificent ebony, and stylish-looking grey sukupira offered for this table are among favorites in Bellavista Collection. So are natural and stained oak and American walnut; veneering options for OLIVER include seven kinds of these two wood species.

Almost every item from Bellavista brand has some characteristic or detail that makes the piece stand out. OLIVER’s one thick leg is a real attention-grabber. What is special about this part is being made of three materials – metal, wood and marble – masterfully combined together. Cast brass with an antique bronze finish, any of the ten woods, and classic-looking, light-colored Botticino marble harmonize with one another extremely well.

But however grand your dining table is, it never plays solo in a room. Tables need chairs to match. BERTA, a gorgeous dining chair, designed in 2020, matches OLIVER to a tee.

Chairs like BERTA are called ‘shell’ or ‘cockpit’ chairs. Such a chair is of somehow enveloping shape, thanks to a rounded back and small armrests.

BERTA can boast of a stylish design, with highlighted metal parts that instantly catch the eye.  Its optional removable rear back and a lovely knob on the side are made of brass with an antique bronze finish.

As to the size, BERTA is quite compact but yet large enough to be comfy for most people. This chair is 55 cm (21.7 in.) wide, 60.9 cm (24in.) deep and 77cm (30.4in.) high, with a seat height of 47 cm. (18.5 inches).

The base, made of dark-colored solid ashwood, goes well with any of the variants of upholstery, offered for this chair. BERTA could be upholstered in either fabric, or leather, or even in both.

Fabric comes in a variety of colors and could be of categories A, B, C, Lux and Extra Lux.

Leather could be of categories P1, P3, and P3 nubuck (‘nubuck’ is top-grain leather sanded on the grain side). As to the colors, the leather of category P1 is offered in as many as thirty colors; P3 leather is available in eleven colors, and P3 nubuck could be either of thirteen.

What is more, you can provide fabric or leather bought anywhere else, and skilled craftsmen from Bellavista Collection will use this material for upholstering your BERTA chair. In fact, this option is available for almost any upholstered piece from the brand, so all Bellavista’s customers can get exactly what they want.

This opportunity will come in especially handy in two cases. First, if you want some piece to seamlessly blend into the existing interior, or, second, when you feel like having different items upholstered in the same material. In any case, you have plenty of choices.

When describing both BERTA and OLIVER, ‘beautility’ ‘versatility’ are the two words that first come to mind.

These two wonderful pieces are designed skillfully indeed; their beauty is matched by great practical value – that’s what beautility is all about. Actually, the same could be said about any item designed by Attilio Zanni – a brilliant designer, whose talent and hard work has turned Bellavista Collection into a well-known brand.

Besides, both the table and the chair are great not only for a dining room in a luxurious home. BERTA will be a perfect pick for a home office, a small reading nook, or any other place you might need a compact and comfy seat. OLIVER will look grand in a restaurant hall or a hotel room, and so will BERTA. Both pieces are pretty versatile. That’s why they have already become bestsellers. Business owners from the hospitality sector gladly purchase them, and so do all people who want to furnish their homes with well-designed and top-quality pieces.

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