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Bellavista Collection Will Soon Have an Art section with a Picture Gallery

Art is not a treasure in the past or an importation from another land, but part of the present life of all living and creating people,”- said Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States.  It is really so. Almost anywhere we can see works of art; besides, integration of art to interior design has already become a mainstream trend.

Artwork in Our Lives and Interiors

Art is omnipresent in our lives and our homes. It’s really impossible to imagine a house or an apartment without any decorative elements like artwork or just a utility item that draws attention. However minimalistic an interior could be, there will obviously be something nice-looking there.  A painting or a panel picture on a wall, a sculpture on a shelf often serve as a finishing element that pulls a space together, so to speak, making it feel complete. An elaborately designed piece of furniture or a lightning fixture as well as a work of utility art can well serve the same purpose.

Every room needs a focal point – that’s what one of the central principles of interior design says. A focal point is some element of design that instantly draws the eye into the space. That’s why if you are furnishing your room, furniture is far from the only issue you will have to care about. Along with buying tables, armchairs, beds and sofas, you should also select, say, mirrors, lamps (which should fit into the entire look of the room) as well as decorative elements, particularly pieces of art. For furniture producers and traders it’s a good idea to offer artwork together with furniture, so that people could find everything they need in one place.

Bellavista Collection: Much More Than Just Furniture

Bellavista Collection – a brand, which is well-known for its luxury Italian furniture,– has already been applying such an approach for years. Its web resource contains Home Décor category with a wide selection of items, intended to give a room an individual look. For example, look at a hand-carved wooden panel named ARTDECO – isn’t it delightful? It will turn heads of whoever enters the room.

Now Bellavista is going to take it a step further: a special Art section will be added soon. The pieces currently scattered to other sections will be put together, enabling a visitor to quickly select something special for their interiors.

In the new section there will be a lot of objects that possess considerable artistic value, no matter whether they are pieces of art or not. Along with statuettes and panel pictures, that section will contain sophisticated utilitarian objects, like decorative handles or magnificent lightning fixtures designed by Attilio Zanni, e.g. a table lamp called 4STAGIONI and a PEOPLE chandelier. These lamps, decorated with brass figurines, look like works of modern art rather than lightning fixtures.

 Coming soon: an Art Show by a Renowned Artist

Another good news from Bellavista is that right now it is going to enlarge its collection of artworks with a cherry-picked selection of paintings by Antonio Sgarbossa, a prominent contemporary Italian painter. His talent and hard work made him one of the most famous and appreciated contemporary Italian painters, widely recognized in Italy and abroad.

Antonio Sgarbossa is a figurative painter, whose style is easily recognizable. Paintings by Antonio Sgarbossa are by all means modern but still remain classic-looking in the best sense of this word. His outstanding skill and expertise make some experts remember of such a great artist of the past as Caravaggio – so masterfully Antonio Sgarbossa depicts human faces and figures. He also is an excellent colorist,especially good at capturing the play of light and shadow.His works are both expressive and insightful; they evoke deep feelings and leave no one indifferent.

Born in July 1945 in Fontana Viva, Italy, Antonio Sgarbossa showed artistic talent very early. At the beginning of his professional career he was fond of ceramics; in 1976 he even opened his own ceramic art studio. Nevertheless, currently he is recognized mostly as a painter working in the figurative style.

First Antonio Sgarbossa became known as an artist in 1970s, when he together with several European artists organized an art studio called La Soffitta, which means “an Attic”. It was in Nouchatel, in Switzerland, where he lived for some years.

After returning to Italy in 1978, he successfully exhibited his paintings at an art exhibition at the Galleria del Fiore. Afterwards, there were a lot of exhibitions, years of hard work and search for the distinctive style of his own.

Now Antonio Sgarbossa is a successful and prolific artist; his paintings, as well as posters and prints, based on his pictures, are sold all over the world. His unmistakable sense of harmony made him extremely popular with people with a fine taste in art.

His elaborately drawn paintings depict present-day people in an extraordinary manner, so that the artist’s models somehow seem more than just strangers. Every person has his or her own character, and the painter succeeds in conveying it. Also, if you look at the artist’s well-known series of ballet dancers’ portraits, you will clearly see that Antonio Sgarbossa celebrates the beauty of human, particularly female, body.

Therefore, a painting by Antonio Sgarbossa will definitely become an eye-catcher. It will suit virtually any interior design, enabling you to really personalize your living space.

An Inseparable Part of Interior Design

We all know that the first impression of a place is usually made in seconds. So, a carefully chosen piece of artwork can help us create the necessary atmosphere, making all the difference in how the space feels. Bellavista Collection helps people not only furnish their dwellings, but also make every home look and feel special. That’s why Art section is going to be added to Bellavista soon. The assortment of items in this section will show how fine the line between visual art and interior design actually is.