Bellavista Collection Takes its Traditional Summer Break in August 2020

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Bellavista Collection Takes its Traditional Summer Break in August 2020

Summer 2020 is in full swing, so Bellavista Collection announces its vacation closure in mid-August. Friday, August 7 will be the last working day in the firm. From August 8 to 23, the office company’s staff will be on holiday. Production at the same time will be considered suspended during all the month of August.

Putting all the personnel on leave in August is kind of a tradition in Bellavista Collection. Last year, for example, the summer break lasted from August 10 to 25, and in 2018 – from August 11 to 26. Such a practice is pretty widespread in Italy, especially in relatively small family-run firms like Bellavista Collection. Yes, this company is rather small – although its Italian luxury furniture is known all over the world.

The Time Spent on Quarantine Doesn’t Count

One may wonder why close a business up for a vacation just after a long period of non-operation due to the notorious COVID-19 pandemic. Bellavista Collection’s loyal customers remember that it’s really so: in April 2020 the brand temporarily suspended production of its Italian luxury furniture.

Doesn’t the quarantine count as a long holiday, if the workshops didn’t work anyway?

No, it doesn’t.

Holiday is not all about being out of work – the aim of annual leave is to give you an opportunity to relax your mind and take a break from everyday routine. During the quarantine, people could do neither of these.

Everybody will agree (especially after having such an experience not so long ago) that it’s difficult to relax when you are confined to your home. For a long time, millions of Italians had been under severe stress; anxiety, boredom and frustration usually make up a volatile mix. It was only recently that people could breathe a sigh of relief.

And now it is high time to have a proper rest.

Why Go on Vacation All at Once?

In fact, having a collective summer break in August is a quite sensible practice, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, almost all people prefer having their annual holiday in summer – probably, except a few fans of winter sports and activities. It means that some of the staff won’t be able to go on a vacation in the preferred season, if the company keeps on working all year round. Staff rotation, if it’s achievable, might bring more problems than help.

Besides, there always are key specialists – professionals who are very difficult or impossible to replace when they are on holiday. Even if it’s doable, the manufacturing process will inevitably suffer.

So, why not place all the company’s employees on the leave at the same time? It sounds like a good way out.

One more reason for picking August for a collective break is that it’s a very hot month in Italy, with air temperatures about 30-35 degrees Celsius (86-95°F). It’s quite understandable that in August people would like to spend their time in locations other than the workplace.

In any case in August is almost impossible to schedule any kind of manufacture as all the raw material’s suppliers and specialized craftsmen interrupt their production as well.

2020: A Post-COVID Vacation Is a Challenge

For millions of people, the holiday means travelling in the first place. Well, ‘have meant until recently’ will be more correct. The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to our lives, including the way we spend our spare time and our plans for vacations. It’s especially noticeable in Italy, whose economy is now slowly recovering after a severe COVID-19 outbreak.

This year, lots of Italians had to cancel holiday tours, especially overseas, which they were looking forward to. Many people will spend their holidays at home or somewhere nearby, some are looking for places accessible by car. Those who are going to travel, will be much more cautious when choosing destinations: tourist hotspots now are far less attractive as they used to be. Avoiding crowds still is a good idea.

But all in all, in spite of the fears of the second wave of coronavirus and overall uncertainties of the post-COVID situation, people tend to hope for the best. Let’s do the same – and perceive going on vacation as a sign that life is getting back to normal.

What to Expect from Bellavista in Autumn?

More remarkable new pieces, of course! A new 2020 collection is actually ready; it’s going to be placed on the brand’s website soon. Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s genius of a designer, created a group of amazing furniture pieces earlier this year. They were intended for displaying at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2020, but, unfortunately, this year’s edition of the event was cancelled. There also is Maison et Objet – one more trade fair, which is also prestigious and popular with furniture makers. Bellavista Collection has never missed it ever since 2010. Alas, nobody can say for sure whether at least one of the two editions of this bi-annual event will take place in 2020. It’ll be a pity, if none.

Nevertheless, the 2020 collection from Bellavista exists and has every chance to score a success, even without being showcased at a live trade event.

You may remember that each year Bellavista’s exhibits, displayed at trade fairs, are united under a particular general idea, reflected in their style. In 2018, this idea was related to the irresistible charm of magnificent Orient, and the collection itself was named Dulcechina. It was so successful that you still can see its 12 pieces in a separate section of the brand’s website. In 2019, the general concept was ‘Dolce Vita’ – and numerous attendees who did remember what this phrase stands for, enjoyed visiting Bellavista’s exhibitor booth a lot.

The idea of this year’s collection is all about celebrating Beauty of Nature. Somehow peculiar shapes, typical to live plants, floral motifs in furniture pieces’ parts, the highlighted texture of natural wood and polished marble – all these are the characteristics of 2020 collection from Bellavista.

So, check the brand’s website soon to see this exceptional collection. It simply can’t be otherwise, especially since the year 2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the Bellavista Collection brand.

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