Bellavista Collection in 2013-2015: Wider Variety of Products, Successes at Trade Events

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Bellavista Collection in 2013-2015: Wider Variety of Products, Successes at Trade Events

As you probably remember from the previous article, in 2020 Bellavista Collection brand celebrates its 10th anniversary. This article will touch upon Bellavista’s main achievements that took place from 2013 till 2015.

By 2013, Bellavista Collection had gained popularity in Italy and abroad as an auspicious producer of Italian luxury furniture. It became possible partly owing to regular participation in such prestigious trade events as Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan, Italy) and Maison et Objet (Paris, France).

Both exhibitions attract numerous attendees from all over the world, so manufacturers of high-end furniture who want to proudly showcase their new products and find reliable business partners, consider participation in these fairs a must-do. Bellavista Collection hasn’t missed a single edition of iSaloni since 2010 – the birth year of the brand.

2013: Elegance à la Française and Glitter of Aluminum

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, often called iSaloni for short, has always been special for Bellavista Collection – it couldn’t be otherwise for a brand which was first introduced to the public at this very exhibition. iSaloni 2013 Bellavista presented a great number of pieces looking – and named – somehow in the French style.

AMELIE table lamp, JOSEPHINE sofa, ODETTE bench, TULIPE table, BOUQUET BOIS coffee table… Design of all these items had kind of a French accent – elusive but inimitable fleur of sophistication and timeless elegance.

Needless to say, these chic pieces à la Française scored a success at Maison et Objet in Paris as well. No wonder: the French are said to appreciate elegance and good taste in everything.

As anticipated, Bellavista’s showpieces mixed together incredibly well, easily creating ensembles. For example, Bellavista’s exhibitor booth at iSaloni featured two AMELIE lamps placed by both sides of NONNALISA sofa upholstered in deep green velvet. The lamps stood on stylish BOUQUET BOIS tables – by the way, this table has been among Bellavista’s bestsellers ever since then. BOUQUET BOIS looks beautiful indeed, with its clear glass round top on three crisscrossed metal legs.

Generally speaking, cast metal details were Bellavista’s thing in 2013. Most of the showpieces had elaborately designed details made of metal: cast brass with a number of grand-looking finishes and, of course, cast aluminum – the metal, natural beauty of which is often undervalued. Just look at BUTTERFLY table lamp, CAROL floor lamp with a very handy tray to realize that metal does have charm of its own.

Among other items that turned heads at that year’s exhibitions are MIRO’ ottoman and striking RIFLESSI boiserie with mirror glass decorative elements.

2014:  Natural Beauty of Wood Plus Sophistication of Design

At 2014 editions of iSaloni and Maison&Objet, Bellavista Collection presented an impressive collection of new pieces, including elaborate cabinets and casegoods.

That year’s collection showed how masterly Bellavista can reveal the natural beauty of wood. CHANEL cabinet is a telling example of it. Wood grain on its doors forms a lovely diamond; Besides, it can be veneered in five differently-colored wood species. Its optional top inset could be made either of hammered antique bronze or one of four kinds of marble, from white Calacatta to Emperador Dark Brown.

Well, combination of wood with metal and marble has always been among Bellavista’s favorites.

Just look at HIM bar unit, with a backlit slab of Calacatta marble at its inner back. Or at LYDIE sideboard: its wooden structure is available in eight options of wood, plus three kinds of marble for an optional top inset.

Other examples of casegoods created in 2014 include BEVERLY dresser, with antique bronze base and 11 wood options for the top, and PIGALLE – a nice-looking and practical wooden bookcase, that could be veneered in 8 wood species.

Along with casegoods, Bellavista Collection exhibited lots of excellent pieces. A luxurious bed named PISOLO and eye-catching ROSE panel picture, depicting a single rose bud; ELECTRA chandelier and THOMAS dining table with two massive legs in Batista copper and 8 options of wood for its top; CORINNE dining chair, with base in dull champagne finish and fabric or leather upholstery…  Each of these items is a real masterpiece.

So is TOM coffee table. Its top great available in 4 marbles and 10 woods, not to mention an optional inlaid chess board inset made of ivory and blue resin.

MADLEINE sofa, one more piece created in 2014, comes in two variations – MADLEINE LEATHER and MADLEINE WOOD. It’s so difficult to choose between them, because both are very beautiful. The same could be said about VANITY – an oval mirror with a thin metal frame (in spite of its name, VANITY looks modest and very elegant).

2015: New Concepts, New Models, and a New Finish

The year 2015 was pretty successful for Bellavista Collection. The brand’s inventory continued to grow, with a lot of items added in 2015. They are remarkably diverse but have something in common. Their design is recognizably modern but bears certain traits of art deco.

Take a glance at showpieces of 2015 and see it for yourself. Look at the design of ANGELINA dining chair with armrests, MONTMARTRE sideboard, COURCHEVEL coffee table, MY DISHES chandelier, ARTHUR bench, or DANTE desk.

Pieces created in 2015 quickly become very popular with customers; it remains so five years after, and this population isn’t going to fade. Here are just a few of them: ARBAT display cabinet and MADISON sideboard, both available in eight kinds of oak and walnut; the lovely round mirror named MARTA; the monumental and super-cozy FILIPPO sofa,  JUTA bookcase, with its structure in rosewood and shelves upholstered in natural jute fabric, and a nice compact MINNIE armchair (you’ll easily guess why it is named so when you look at the shape of its back).

In 2015 Bellavista adopted a new extremely attractive dark finish named Nero Bellavista, which was applied in EIFFEL console table – one more Bellavista’s bestseller. 

Generally speaking, every Bellavista’s item has always had a style of its own. That’s why Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection enjoys great demand from the very start of the brand.