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Bellavista Collection Had Plenty to Showcase at The Salone del Mobile 2022

The just-ended 60th edition of the Milan Furniture Salon predictably scored a great success. It simply couldn’t be otherwise.

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile, often called iSaloni for short, is a trade fair that millions of professionals cannot be unaware of. Held annually since 1961, this exhibition is the largest and the most influential trade event in such spheres as furniture design and production, along with many other related fields, from interior design to architecture.

If not for COVID-19 pandemic, the 60th anniversary edition would have taken place much earlier. Alas, in 2020 and 2021 trade events were canceled all over the globe due to the notorious virus. Dozens of industries were badly hit by the recession; high-end furniture design and production were among them. Well, when the pandemic was in full swing, few people felt like buying, say, Italian luxury furniture…  

But nothing lasts forever.

The 60th anniversary edition of the Salone, held between 7 and 12 of June 2022, marked this event’s comeback in its full glory. What’s more, iSaloni 2022 could boast of multiple innovations, some of them being really fundamental.

Long-lasting Traditions Blended with Innovation

If we compare the 2022 and 2019 editions in terms of the number of attendees, we may feel a bit pessimistic at first. 262,000+ people that visited the fairgrounds of Fiera Milano Rho in 2022 is a lot, but in the pre-pandemic 2019, there were about half a million. But let’s not jump to conclusions.

This year’s edition was truly special. Among other important innovations, it was heavily digitalized. Webinars and other virtual meetings, and real-time video streams complemented the offline events that were held simultaneously all over the fairgrounds and beyond. And that’s not to mention plenty of news and other content.

All this became possible thanks to the cutting-edge digital platform. Launched back on 30 June 2021, it serves as an all-year-round meeting place for designers and business people from all over the world.

Needless to say, participants of iSaloni 2022 have benefitted a lot from this platform – both before and during the event.

Registered participants of the Salone got free access to a great variety of services, which helped users announce their showpieces before the fair, plan their time during it, arrange appointments, communicate with one another, and much more.

With such a handy source of information, a great number of people managed to learn everything they wanted and communicate with the exhibitors online. It means that the number of visitors to the Salone actually timed bigger if we count active online ones.

But in spite of all changes, the focus of the show remained the same: all designers and producers showcased their best achievements, which were perfect examples of excellent design and impeccable craftsmanship. Great attention to detail, high-quality materials, focus on timeless beauty, eco-friendliness, and sustainability – all this we have seen at the Salone for years.

Bellavista’s Booth at iSaloni 2022

To say that Bellavista Collection did have lots of pieces to display at this event would be an understatement. The new collection, devoted to celebrating the timeless beauty of Nature, was ready back in 2020. When the edition was canceled, these grand-looking items were later shown online, on the brand’s website.

Time passed; the collection was constantly replenished with new beautiful items in line with the general idea. Many of them became publicly available from the ‘What’s New’ section of Bellavista Collection’s website long before the Salone 2022. For example, OLIVER dining table with BERTA chairs, which among many other pieces were displayed at the Salone 2022, are pretty familiar to Bellavista’s loyal customers.

By the way, the brand’s exhibitor’s booth looked like an apartment, furnished from A to Z with Bellavista’s showpieces. This approach, adopted by the brand in 2012, proved really successful. This year, the booth consisted of the following zones: the bedroom, dining-room, and living room zones; the area, specially intended for conversations, and the walk-in closet that got the name TROUSSE. 

It’s impossible to describe all the items, so let’s take a look at just a few ones you could have noticed in the brand’s booth from its entrance. It’s the dining-room set. Along with the articles you could have seen on the website – like OLIVER table, BERTA dining chairs, and the oval wall-mounted mirror named GRIMILDE, with its frame upholstered in lovely mustard-colored velvet, you could have seen some absolutely new pieces there.

The two newly designed cabinets, T-TENGO and MACALLAN, looked diverse but equally beautiful. T-TENGO tall cabinet stands somehow apart from other showpieces. It is a part of TRATTO capsule collection, created in collaboration with Centropolis Design – the studio from Milan, well-known for its exclusive lighting solutions for interior design projects. You’ll surely appreciate the illumination of T-TENGO’s inside details made of wood, as well as the refined shapes and lines of this remarkable piece.

The two-door cabinet named MACALLAN, instantly strikes the eye thanks to the gorgeous inlays on its surface. Textures of wood applied in contrasting way form an incredibly attractive pattern that harmonizes with an antique bronze finish of brass details and leather used in the decorative elements of its handles.

As you see, both cabinets were just impossible to ignore.

So was the pedestal with the self-explanatory name ONYX. Backlighting with LEDs helps to reveal all the beauty of onyx – an impressive semi-precious stone, which is used in a range of Bellavista’s items.

The unusual design of STARGATE ceiling lamp also grabbed attention. The lampshade of this stylish chandelier is composed of four rings: two wooden and two metal ones, made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish. Its distinctive look added zest to the design of the entire ensemble, making it feel complete.

Of course, it’s just a tiny part of the large group of the showpieces, which the Bellavista Collection proudly displayed during the event. So, welcome to the brand’s website to see the rest, and to order any of them at any time.

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