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Bellavista Collection Congratulates Everybody on Valentine’s Day and Prompts Ideas for Gifts

Many people see XXI century as no-nonsense times – pragmatic rather than romantic. But February 14 demonstrates that people are not foreign to romanticism even these days. Initially devoted to the Christian saint, Valentine’s Day has already become a cultural phenomenon, having very little to do with religion. On this day, the phrase ‘be my Valentine’ sounds in hundreds of languages all over the world.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for those who are in love: it’s a great occasion to confess, propose, or simply have fun, have a romantic dinner…

And, of course, give and get presents.

Although Bellavista Collection specializes mostly in manufacturing Italian luxury furniture, this brand has plenty to offer you when you are in search of an unhackneyed present. Just open HOME DÉCOR product category browse through its BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category – and you will find lots of items, which can make great presents for Valentine’s Day.

Some of them (e.g. candle holders) are nice-looking utilitarian objects, others (e.g. cast metal statuettes and panel pictures) are items with a solely decorative function.

A Lamp for a Romantic Dinner

Let’s start with the pieces that are not only beautiful, but also useful. You can give such a present and use it straight away if you’re planning a romantic dinner.

4STAGIONI is a table lamp looks that more like a piece of art than a lighting fixture. The lamp is pretty compact: it’s 54 cm (21.2 in.) tall and 36 cm (14.2 inches) in diameter. So, it will look excellently whenever you place it – on a coffee table in a living room, on a bedside table, or even on a dining table on Valentine’s day.

The structure of 4STAGIONI is in cast brass with hammered antique bronze finish, and it perfectly harmonizes with the elegant cylindrical lampshade made of sandblasted and clear glass. Four small brass figures depicting nice-looking naked women symbolize four seasons of the year (“4 stagioni” means “four seasons” in Italian). These lovely figures, sitting on the brass base under the lampshade, give this lamp really extraordinary look.

The lamp has four light bulbs. As for the voltage, there are two options: for buyers from Europe – 220V-50 HZ (E14 bulbs) and for the USA – 110V-60 HZ (E12 bulbs).  The electric cord is of brown color.

For Those Who Prefer Candles

You have one more chance to use your present immediately after giving it – if you opt for a candle holder. Candle holders make a perfect present because they are appealing and evoke positive emotions: most people love gazing at the flame of a candle. So, what about choosing such a gift for your loved one and have a candlelit dinner right away?

For those who love candlelight, Bellavista offers candle attractive holders named SYRUS and YWKO, as well as IPPO TRAY – a cast brass tray for candles.

Let’s take a quick look at candle holders first.  SYRUS designed to look a bit like an old-fashioned lantern. It’s rather sizeable: 20.6 x 20.6 centimeters (8.1 inches) and 36.6 centimeters (14.4 inches) high, so this candle holder can well be placed onto a table.

The metal structure of SYRUS could be made either of cast brass with antique bronze finish or of cast aluminum with Nero Bellavista finish – Bellavista just recently started to use it. The cylindrical glass-shade is made of both sandblasted and clear glass.

YWKO candle holder has a long leg, so it somehow resembles a classic-looking candlestick. Its total height is 86 centimeters (33.9 inches). It means that if you place YWKO onto a dining table, a single candle will produce enough light for a small room.

YWKO’s glass-shade is similar to that of SYRUS. By the way, if you look closely, you’ll notice a cute hippo silhouette on the sandblasted glass.

Well, Bellavista’s customers remember this brand’s special attitude towards hippopotamuses.  Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s extremely gifted designer and the company’s co-founder, does have a weakness for hippos. Lots of pieces in Bellavista Collection he created either depict this animal or bear its outline.

One of such pieces is IPPO TRAY, designed in 2019. This cast brass tray for candles depicts a group of hippos bathing in a shallow pond and walking ashore. Actually, IPPO TRAY is more a brass sculpture than a tray – its brass figures of hippopotamuses look lifelike indeed and grab attention instantly.

IPPO TRAY is rectangular and has four cups for thick candles placed in a row. The tray itself is rather long but narrow and low: it’s 88.5 centimeters (34.8 inches) long, 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) wide and only 7.3 centimeters (2.9 inches) high.

What makes IPPO TRAY special is that you can pour some water into it, so that it turns into a shallow basin with brass hippos wallowing in it. Just light the candles – and enjoy gazing at the candlelight, its reflection in the water, and cute hippopotamuses.

IPPO TRAY will add spice to a candlelit dinner or even a party: its four candles can light up a large dining table. It’s a great idea for a present, because this remarkable tray will surely serve you for years, each time giving you plenty of joy.

Never-Fading Roses

Everybody will agree that flowers, especially roses, make a wonderful gift for your beloved one. Real flowers are beautiful, but, alas, they fade in a few days.

ROSE and FLOWER from Bellavista Collection won’t. These two panel pictures depicting lovely flowers will look grand for decades! Both are made of dark-colored natural solid wood – moka stained larch with the rear support made of plexiglass.

The first one, named ROSE, depicts a single rose flower seen from above.  Its central inset is made of brass with antique bronze finish. You can purchase ROSE with or without a chrome frame.

As for the dimensions, this picture is 120 x 160 centimeters (47.2 x 63 inches) and 4 centimeters (1.6 in.) thick. Such a size is optimal for any room, from a tiny studio to a large open plan apartment.

FLOWER, one more panel picture from Bellavista, depicts two branches of a wild rose – with leaves, flowers, and buds. FLOWER is rectangular, 102 cm (40.2 in.) wide, 172 cm (67.7 in.) high, and 4,7 cm (1.9 in.) thick.

Thanks to the well-thought-out design, both ROSE and FLOWER will blend in almost any interior. That’s why these beautiful pieces of artwork make excellent gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day. All in all, giving flowers to the loved ones is a long-standing tradition…

And what is more, ROSE and FLOWER surely won’t fade – just like true love.

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