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Bellavista Collection and Pascal Arquitectos: Fruitful Co-operation and Decades-Long Friendship 

In a way, Bellavista Collection stands out among producers of Italian luxury furniture. Attilio Zanni, the designer whom Bellavista has every reason to be proud of, is the company’s co-founder. Two Zanni brothers, Attilio and Fabrizio, founded this brand and presented it in 2010 at a prestigious trade event.

For many years, Mr. Zanni has been creating designs for a vast variety of objects, from furniture and decorative items to lighting fixtures and boiserie. It’s literally thousands of items. If you open description of any piece on the company’s website, click the download PDF button, you will surely see ‘design by Attilio Zanni’ written in the upper right corner of the page but, there are a few other names as well.

Open the descriptions of, say, CHARLOTTE, FRANCIS, EROS, or ROSETTA, and look at the upper right corner. You’ll see the sign which reads ‘Design by Pascal Arquitectos’. These designs were created by two architects – Carlos and Gerard Pascal.

Who are these designers, whose works got included into the cherry-picked assortment of Bellavista Collection? They are founders of Pascal Arquitectos, the renowned firm with the headquarters in Mexico City – and good friends of Zanni brothers. This friendship and co-operation between the two companies is decades old.

Plenty in Common

Well, it’s quite natural that people that have much in common make friends. It’s exactly the case here. Pascal brothers and Zanni brothers have plenty in common, and so do Bellavista Collection and Pascal Arquitectos Studio.

In both cases two brothers are founders of a business. Both businesses are long-standing (Pascal Arquitectos has its headquarters in Mexico City since 1979) and successful: they found their own niches and can boast of solid reputation and good recognition.

And, of course, the main thing is that they share the passion to design.

Joint Projects

Both companies have been working in closely related fields; actually, their spheres of interest complement each other. Pascal Arquitectos studio deals with interior design of houses, both private homes and public spaces. Among its turnkey design projects are Hotel Sheraton, Guria restaurant, and the disco bar called Nisha.

In spite of being located almost on the opposite sides of the globe, Zanni and Pascal brothers often work together, carrying out interesting projects. Business ties between Bellavista Collection Pascal Arquitectos are strong and time-proven.

The most recent joint project was described in Design Hunter, a Mexican magazine that covers news and events related to design. The project dealt with interior design and furnishing of a beautiful villa in Mexico. You can see images of Design Hunter’s pages in Bellavista Collection’s Instagram. Visit this resource – the items Bellavista’s craftsmen made for that villa are worth seeing. The pouf named MIRO, THOMAS dining table, and TOM coffee table with a marble top, designed by Attilio Zanni, now serve their new owners in faraway Mexico.

Pieces by Pascal

Taking into account such a close co-operation between the companies and camaraderie of the designers, no wonder that you can see items designed by Carlos and Gerard Pascal at Bellavista Collection’s website.

Well, let’s take a brief look at some of them.

CHARLOTTE armchair looks charming indeed. It’s pretty compact (which makes this armchair a good choice for a small room) and very elegant. Five wood options are offered for veneering, including ebony and grey sucupira, for which glossy finish is available. The armchair could be upholstered in either leather or fabric, including one kidney pillow in the same material.

FRANCIS is a round coffee table, with metal structure and a wooden top. It looks modest but sophisticated. The structure is available in either bronze or brandy finish. As for the top, it’s made of solid Italian poplar with as many as 14 options of veneering.

Shapes and sizes of this remarkable table also vary. There are four variants of the table: two of them are round, one is oval, and one more is square.

EROS coffee table somehow resembles FRANCIS and offers even more options. The metal structure is available in three finishes: bronze, brandy, and champagne. As for the wooden top, there are 17 wood options of veneering! Needless to say, that they look diverse indeed – from very light brown color to almost black.

EROS offers the same size and shapes options as FRANCIS, so you can choose among two round tables that differ in size, an oval and a square one.

ROSETTA is a floor lamp that sparks everybody’s interest thanks to the contrast between classic-looking fabric lampshade and somehow peculiar structure. For its wooden part, seven wood options are offered; all of them harmonize pretty well with antique bronze the rest of the structure and details are made of. The lampshade is covered in either cotton or polyester of lovely light beige color.

Moreover, there are options as to the voltage: the lamp can be intended either for European power grid, requiring 220V and 50 HZ, or for that of the USA (110 V and 60 HZ). So, when ordering this remarkably-looking floor lamp, please consider what country you are going to use it in.

And, last but not least, there is an item in Bellavista Collection named PASCAL. It’s a mirror, structure and frame of which are designed very beautifully and look really gorgeous. The combination of deep dark color of moka stained oak and bronze of the frame details and studs catches the eye instantly. PASCAL mirror is offered in three sizes and two shapes. One is square, and the other two are rectangular, differing in size. One more decision the customers will have to make when ordering this mirror is to choose between clear or fume mirror.

PASCAL was designed by Attilio Zanni, and it is pretty easy to guess whom this attention-grabbing mirror is named after. Of course, after Pascal brothers, his good friends and long-standing business partners.


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