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Autumn in Bellavista Style: Enjoy Warmth and Relaxation

Any season is wonderful. Autumn brings us yellow and red leaves, falling from trees and covering the ground like a rustling colorful carpet. The days are getting shorter, and the nights – longer and colder, until Nature freezes in anticipation of winter, with its snow and approaching holidays.

Although the climate differs from region to region, most people usually associate autumn with falling leaves, rains and winds. In such weather, most people enjoy being at home with a cup of hot tea or coffee. It’s so good to curl up in an armchair with a book or relax on a sofa watching TV…

Being a well-known brand that specializes in Italian luxury furniture, Bellavista Collection can’t turn back the clock. However, its products – sofas and arm-chairs, lamps and candle holders – will enable you to feel comfy in any season of the year.

Furniture for Comfort

For example, take a look at ZIA MARIA sofa, designed in 2020 – isn’t it pretty? ‘Zia’ means ‘auntie’ in Italian, and this sofa well deserves its name. There surely is something womanish in its overall look. Smooth curves and bright-red color of upholstery make ZIA MARIA look really impressive. And it’s cozy as well: it comes with four soft back pillows, upholstered in the same fabric as the sofa.

Also, ZIA MARIA is rather spacious. It could be 220 centimeters (86.6 inches) or 260 centimeters (102.4 inches) wide. Both options are 90 cm (35.4 in.) deep and 80 cm (31.5 in.) high, with a seat height of 40 cm. (15.7 in.).

Now that you have made yourself comfortable on the sofa, you need a coffee table to place your cup onto. What about APOLLO, designed in 2019?

Its design is extremely elegant. The top and the base of this coffee table are of the same shape and made of the same material – solid wood, with ten veneering options available. Each of the wood species harmonizes with glitzy gold finish of the structure, made of cast aluminium.

What is more, APOLLO comes in a number of variants, which differ in shape and size. There are eight of them in total: five with square tabletops, two with round, and one with an oval.

The Coziest Lighting

When you place a floor lamp near a sofa or an armchair with a coffee table, these pieces will form a zone for relaxation. A spot of light from a floor lamp somehow separates a small area from the rest of the room, creating, say, a reading nook.

You even can do without a coffee table – just choose one of the three Bellavista Collection’s floor lamps that have built-in pivoting trays: CAROL, ADALPINA, or FAROLITO. They are diverse, but equally attractive-looking and popular with customers. While CAROL is a long-standing bestseller, FAROLITO and ADALPINA were designed quite recently – in 2019.

If you place any of these lamps near the armchair or sofa, its handy tray within your arm’s reach will serve you as a tiny table. With such a lamp, you needn’t worry where to put your cup of coffee, e-reader or cell phone. This solution will be especially suitable in a small living room.

All three lamps slightly differ in size. CAROL is 148 centimeters (58.3 inches) high in total; FAROLITO is 132 centimeters (52 inches) high. As to ADALPINA, it’s adjustable in height, so that this floor lamp could be up to 125 centimeters (49.2 inches) high.

CAROL’s swiveling tray is oval; it’s the biggest of all three, so this lamp with the tray is 70 centimeters (27.6 inches) wide. Trays in FAROLITO and ADALPINA are smaller; the former is round, and the latter is oval. Each lamp’s tray has an insert made of prime quality belting leather, decorated with stitching.

The lampshade of CAROL is made of beige-colored linen. At the top of the structure there is a lovely detail – a small figure of a hippopotamus, which is Bellavista Collection’s mascot. By the way, on the base of FAROLITO lamp there is an inscription that reads ‘Bellavista Collection’.

ADALPINA’s and FAROLITO’s lampshades are composed of two parts, with bottoms made of brass with an antique bronze finish. This grand looking material is combined with polished white glass (ADALPINA) and polyester (FAROLITO), which looks really gorgeous.

Needless to say, for all lighting fixtures from Bellavista Collection, there always are two voltage options available: 220V /50 HZ (for customers from Europe), and 110V/ 60 HZ (for those who live in the USA). No wonder: the brand sells its lamps all over the world.

The Charm of Candlelight

Or do you enjoy relaxing by the fireplace, staring at the fire, and love candlelit dinners? You are not alone.

Lots of people find open fire captivating. Maybe, we unconsciously associate naked flame with the warmth and safety of the caves, where our remote ancestors lived thousands of centuries ago?

If you live in a house or apartment without a fireplace, lighting a candle is the simplest way to watch the flames dance. Nowadays, when electrical lighting is omnipresent, candles have become the source of positive emotions rather than light. So, candle holders are still in high demand.

SYRUS candle holder from Bellavista Collection will be a great choice for a candlelit dinner. Being 36.6 centimeters (14.4 inches) high, it will look grand on a table and provide enough light. SYRUS somehow resembles an old-fashioned lantern, with the cylindrical glass-shade, made of glass, clear and sandblasted.   A silhouette of a cute hippo on the glass serves as the finishing touch.

There are two options for the metal structure of SYRUS: cast brass with antique bronze finish (the brand’s favorite) and cast aluminum with a lovely finish called Nero Bellavista.

In other words, in autumn, when we all long for warmth and comfort, pieces from Bellavista Collection can bring you more comfort and relaxation.

Even if you feel like going into hibernation until spring comes… Wait a bit and browse through the product category named NIGHT first. Here you’ll find bedroom furniture, including the coziest beds.

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