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Art Merged with Technology: FLOWER and ROSE from Bellavista Collection

People love comfort and beauty. When furnishing their homes, they not only pick the best furniture pieces, but also think about the overall looks of each room. It means that pictures or sculptures are no less important than chairs or tables.

That is why Bellavista Collection, the brand that specializes in the production of Italian luxury furniture, offers lots of other items as well. Mirrors and wall paneling, lamps, and a rich variety of decorative articles – all this you will see when browsing PRODUCTS section of the website.

Decorative pieces from Bellavista Collection are very popular with customers. Lovely cast brass statuettes of animals have long become the hallmark of the brand; such a statuette on a tabletop or a shelf is a perfect choice when you want to spice up the interior of a room. And so is a wooden panel picture on a wall.

Most people will agree that a room with bare walls looks strange. They unconsciously try to fill the empty space, hanging something on the walls – paintings, engravings, collages, photos, not to mention a TV screen.

Experience shows that large rooms usually look more attractive with bigger pictures – or, alternatively, a cluster of smaller ones hung close to one another. So, what about a piece of art from Bellavista Collection?

The brand offers three beautiful wooden panel pictures. They are designed so masterfully that will be equally suitable for rooms furnished in almost any style. Besides, each of these pictures makes a great present. Just open HOME DÉCOR category, and one of three sub-categories you’ll see is BELLAVISTA DETAILS. Here you’ll find assorted articles, intended to make a house or an apartment feel like a real home.

The very first item you’ll see when you open the sub-category is a hand-carved panel picture named ARTDECO. Look at it – doesn’t it look grand?

The central part of ARTDECO is made of solid wood (tulip tree, to be precise), carved by hand and covered with matt ivory lacquered finish. The frame, made of solid moka stained oak, has some metal details; they are made of brass with an antique bronze finish, refined by hand. The light-colored center part harmonizes with dark-colored frame extremely well, so the overall look of the picture is beyond praise.

FLOWER and ROSE pictures look somehow similar, but both are beautiful indeed. The lines that add up to the images depicting wild rose branches (FLOWER) or a rose bud (ROSE) are the edges of the wooden pieces the panel picture is composed of.  The wooden parts in both panel pictures rest on a sheet of plexiglas. This unusual combination of materials proved really successful: both ROSE and FLOWER are years-long bestsellers.

As to the differences, FLOWER is frameless, while ROSE is available with or without a metal frame. In addition, ROSE has a metal central insert, which is made of laser-cut brass with an antique bronze finish.

All three pictures are rectangular and slightly differ in size. ROZE is 120 centimeters (47.2 inches) wide, 160 centimeters (63 inches) high, and 4 centimeters (1.6 inches) thick. FLOWER is 102 cm. (40.2 in.) wide, 172 cm. (67.7 in.) high, and 4,7 cm (1.9 in.) thick. As to ARTDECO, it is 171.5 cm. (67.5 in.) high, 116 cm (45.7 in) wide, and 6.6 cm. (2.6 in.) thick. As you see, all three are of optimal size to suit any room. These lovely pictures will look equally good in any indoor space, be it a small studio or a sizeable open plan apartment.

What is more, hanging them on the wall is just one of their possible uses. For example, any picture from Bellavista Collection is large enough to make a handy space divider. You can well place the panel perpendicular to the wall to partition off some space and form, say, a cozy reading nook or a small home office.  It’s a good example of how you can successfully combine practicability and beauty when furnishing your home.

By the way, all designs from Bellavista collection could be described in a single word, and this word is ’beautility’. This compound word, made up out of “beauty” and “utility”, exhaustively defines the overall approach to product design in Bellavista Collection. Each piece created here is not only beautiful, but also extremely convenient.  In a nutshell, using pieces from this brand is as pleasant as looking at them.

One more thing that makes Bellavista’s pieces special is that all the brand’s products are intended to serve for decades. Bellavista’s approach to production is not quite typical at the beginning of the XXI century, when mass production has conquered most of the furniture market and products aren’t meant to last long. In fact, Bellavista Collection brand continues the tradition of its parent company Casa Zeta. This family-owned and family-run company inherited the approach of family-owned Italian workshops that had worked for centuries. Bellavista Collection took the best practices from them – but that isn’t all. The brand managed to merge the heritage of the past with the advantages of the present, carefully introducing new techniques and efficient practices.

For instance, Bellavista Collection successfully combines handicraft with the use of last-generation machines and contemporary technologies, such as laser cutting. Actually, ROSE and FLOWER are examples of such a combination.

You’ll probably agree that quality handwork has charm of its own. You’ll always will be able to tell a handicraft piece, which remembers the warmth of the craftsman’s hands, from a mass-produced one, produced ‘hands-free’, so to speak.

In Bellavista’s workshops, the share of manual labor is rather high. But does it mean that seasoned professionals have to use hand drills, arm-saws, and chisels? Of course, not. Rejecting machines utterly is senseless. Modern handwork doesn’t mean ignoring machines and new technologies. Today’s high-end furniture making is a smart combination of handwork with machine processing. Creative tasks like carving or inlay are done by hand, leaving the most tedious jobs to machines.

That’s exactly how Bellavista Collection has been working from the very start of the brand.

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