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A Few Hints on Furnishing Family Rooms and Living Rooms from Bellavista Collection

People differ, and so do the sizes of their homes. Lots of people live in small apartments and houses. Sometimes a young family may even cram into in a tiny studio, but usually they try to get a more spacious home as soon as they can afford it.

An average family typically wants at least one room to sleep in, a kitchen to cook (and often have their meals) in, as well and a room where they could entertain guests and spend time together. That’s in fact a bare minimum to feel comfortable nowadays.

It means that in a small home, a living room and a family room are the same space. But when people get a bigger home, they may want more than a bare minimum. It can be a spare bedroom for friends or relatives to stay overnight, one more room for the kids to play, a separate room for a home office… In such a home there well can be both a living room and a family room.

Well, let’s remember the difference between these two rooms – it’s pretty slight, but it exists.

A living room is a place where you invite guests, so it is usually located not far from the main entrance. Visits of your friends, coworkers, and relatives, as well as family gatherings and other special occasions, especially when groups of people are invited, take place here. A living room is a very place where pieces of artwork, heirlooms or antiques are proudly displayed. That’s why, design of a living room is often described as ‘more formal’ than that of a family-room.

When talking about a family room, comfort is the key word.  The entire space of this room should be cozy and relaxing – just because that’s the place where all family members have their well-deserved rest.

Also, a family room often is pretty multipurpose: it serves as a playroom, and a part of it could be even turned into a home office if necessary.

When furnishing any of these rooms, people quite naturally want it to be comfortable and welcoming. Being a producer of top-quality Italian luxury furniture, Bellavista Collection offers you a few tips on furnishing these rooms to make them no less than perfect.

A Perfect Living Room in Bellavista Style

A living room often is the largest one in the house and may be connected to the dining room, which helps to organize dinners optimally.

In a nutshell, what makes a perfect living room? Let’s use common sense. It’s a place where family members and their guests, if any, can comfortably sit down, relax and enjoy one another’s company. It means that a sofa, a few armchairs and at least one coffee table are among must-haves for an ideal living room.

It’s up to you whether to have a TV in this room or not. Usually, any room has a so-called focal point (i.e., attention-grabber), and a TV is among the most common ones. But there could be other options. What about a fireplace? Framed pictures on the walls or pieces of artwork can be great focal points, too. So can furniture pieces, like a designer coffee table. All these you can find at Bellavista Collection’s website.

If you browse through the HOME DÉCOR product category on the company’s website, you’ll find a lot of interesting pieces for your living room. A large oil painting will attract everyone’s attention, especially if its frame is from Bellavista. Named FRAME, it’s made of natural solid wood (3 options) with chrome detail. Also, there are wonderful panel pictures for you to choose from – ROSE, ARTDECO, and FLOWER. Cast brass statuettes of animals have long become Bellavista’s hallmark.

Also, a metal curtain named TRASPARENZE or any of the five kinds of boiserie from Bellavista will add zest to your living room interior.

Kids, Pets, and Choosing Furnishings for Your Family Room

A family room is also a large one. If the design of a house allows it, family rooms often have a door leading to the courtyard, terrace or garden.

What can serve as a focal point in such a room? A TV wins hands down, followed closely by a fireplace. You even can have them both. What about the TV mounted just above the fireplace?

As to choosing the right furniture for a really excellent family room, it’s logical to pick durable items that will serve for a long time and require little care. And, of course, they must be cozy indeed. Take a look at the sofa named AVUELA, which is Spanish for “grandmother”, by the way. Comfy, lovely-looking, and extremely durable, AVUELA is a great fit for a family room.

It’s useful to remember that such a furniture piece will have to withstand the wear and tear of active use. Kids spill soda drinks on the upholstery, pets shed, and both jump on the sofa when you aren’t watching. It means that you should choose furniture for your family room with all this in mind. For instance, leather upholstery may turn out to be more practical than fabric one, because it is easy to take care of. Wiping with a dry cloth and vacuuming it from time to time is all it needs, plus a bit of light leather conditioner every few months. If you prefer fabric, it would be wise of you to choose hard-wearing material like cotton rather than velvet or silk.

Bellavista Collection understands its customers’ needs and offers a wide choice of upholstery materials. To begin with, almost all its upholstered pieces are available both in leather and fabric, with plenty of choices for each option. By the way, if you want a sofa or an armchair from Bellavista to exactly match the ones you already have in your room, you can provide the material to upholster your future purchase. Just contact the company, and the staff will do their best to provide you with everything that will make your room perfect.

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